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Advocate for smarter, results-based criminal justice policies to keep our communities safe.

Watch the Video below for an update on Community Youth Mapping (Summer 2017) and Building a Community Youth Center in Lexington Park


Fighting for Democracy, is the overarching message “We Are in It Together: Your Vote Counts!”

Souls to the Polls!

Focus on the right to have optimal health outcomes and access to timely, quality, affordable health care.

Work to ensure that every student and student of color graduates ready for college or a career and to be a contributing member of a democracy.


April 28 (Saturday) - NAACP Day – Great Mills High School- Annual NAACP Day 11:00-4:00 Prayer Breakfast (Membership- Youth Involvement- Voter Registration)   21st Century Job Market: Skills and Training   (Job Fair- Youth Employment – Summer Jobs)     Buy Tickets to the Unity Breakfast
May 31  - The Law & You-  Update on Criminal Justice
June 28 -  Dinner Meeting- 

Place TBA       
Topic:  Membership “The Heart of the Association”
July 26 - Adult & Youth Workshop   

Topic:   Financial Literacy                                  
Aug 30 - Topic: What’s Being Done About- Mental health/counseling services, Affordable Housing and Reliable Transportation?-
Sept. 27 - Topic  Civic Education: “Hate Free Schools Coalition”                                                    
Oct. 25 -  “Discrimination in the Work Place: What You Can Do. Speaker:  Maryland Commission on Civil Rights  (TBA)
Nov. 29  -  Branch Elections 
Dec 14  -  Annual Meeting-  Country Inn & Suites


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